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Linkphrase turns a URL into a form that can survive lossy transmission methods. This makes a Linkphrase easy to use over the phone, or while streaming, for example.

To turn a URL into a Linkphrase, paste it into the box above and hit Submit. This will turn your URL into a four-word phrase.

To turn a Linkphrase into a URL again, either type the Linkphrase into the box above, or give it as part of the address. For example, you might give "www.linkphrase.com/InfiniteTacoCannonFire" over the phone.

Linkphrase is in alpha. Features are due to change, the database might be erased at any time, and no guarantees are given (unused linkphrases may be purged from time to time). And due credit to XKCD (or "Waffle Silver Twilight Panda") for the key idea.